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For over 2 years now I would wake at 2- 2:30 every night. Most nights I could not get back to sleep. I am bone on bone in both knees and still work a full time job that takes a lot of steps throughout the day, over a large campus. I decided to try the oral 1500 mg full spectrum drops. The first thing I noticed was a calm over me, then a full night sleep where I awoke rested like I had not felt over 2 years. The knee pain takes less Aleve throughout the day, I was trying to decrease it due to stomach upset. Now I can due to the amount of relief from Beleaf CBD drops. I just ordered the pills to see if I get the same relief from them, because I went through 1 bottle of drops in 2 weeks. Can’t wait to try the capsules when they get here. This has really been my go to for so many symptoms associated with aging. I’m so glad I walked into that shop and inquired about CBD drops.
— Janet

Hello... I have had arthritis for many years, due to multiple surgeries on feet, wrist and knees. I have had shots in joints when needed. Those worked for a few months at a time.

When I was made aware of CBD and the potential positive impact, I tried it and have been more than pleased with the results!I use BeLeaf full spectrum cbd orally and I rub the balm in the needed joints.I currently have no pain, as long as I use daily. The product is 100% natural, and I have had zero side affects!

— Jim

My name is Kevin & I am a retired US Army Staff Sergeant. I’ve been deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan & Somalia during my time in service & have seen extensive combat as a paratrooper. I’ve struggled from a lack of sleep since my retirement, as well as experiencing some joint pain & discomfort in both of my knees & hands. Since I started taking BeLeaf Life Oil about a month ago, I’ve been able to sleep better through the night & the discomfort in my joints has subsided. Additionally, I feel an alertness that I haven’t felt in years. I would recommend these products to any current or former military personnel.
— Kevin T.

The past three years I have suffered from anxiety, maybe it’s from getting older, it could be just life in general that causes these stressful days. I have wanted to find a way to make it better without popping a pill to settle me down. I do other things such as working out, reading, staying away from caffeine, things that could help with my anxiety, and those things do help, but I needed something more.

One day a friend took the time to chat about the BeLeaf Products and he caught my interest. We are all a little skeptical at first because so many others try to tell us it will not work. Well, I am one to tell you that I truly believe it works for me. I have been taking the CBD Oil for over a month now, and once I went without it for a full day. That afternoon I had anxiety hit me, not terrible, but I had not had that feeling ever since I started taking the BeLeaf Full Spectrum 1500 mg tincture. I also have cut down my medicine intake and hoping to “weed” me off of it completely.

This has made me a true believer and hoping that others will find the same relief as I did.
— Anonymous
“I have been able to keep my cool in the most stressful situations at work. I also feel incredibly happy. Which is a big deal for me because my anxiety has pretty much taken over my life. I am so happy that you suggested I take this oil!!

I have also not had a sip of wine in three weeks. That is what I usually went to to calm my anxiety. And it usually was really hard to keep it to just one glass. 😢
So this is great that I’m able to stay focused and clear while calming my anxiety”
— 37 year old Mother of two children

I’m 55, work out 5 days/week, eat decently. Most would consider me healthy.

However, several life-changing events occurred over the past several years, and these created enormous stress. The result of the stress, anxiety, fatigue, and horrible insomnia.

I’ve tried every possible prescription pharmaceutical. From ambien to ativan, plus others; nothing helped my insomnia. I’d go to bed at 11p, and watch the clock until 2am, while the wheels in my head spun nonstop.

I’m open to trying new things, as I’m always seeking a sleep solution. People had mentioned CBD, but I had not tried it.

I tried the BeLeaf CBD oil. Started with 1/2 dropper, then 1 dropper. Disappointed, I decided to try one more time. Saturday, I tried 2 droppers. For the first time in over 6 months, I slept! I slept 9 hours. I woke up the next morning and was actually singing on the way to the gym.

4 days later, same routine, and every night is the same- I sleep!

I have physician buddies and I own business that is driven by quantitative research, so I’m extremely pragmatic and logical.

Bottom line, it worked for me!

There are no panaceas, but if sleep is an issue, BeLeaf CBD is a “must try.”
— Darren Rand

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